Hédi Fried

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Here you will find information about the books and papers written by Hédi, as well as the docuementary films in which she has participated. The books are out of stock at the publishing company, but are available for sale through Hédi. More information about book sales here.




Fragments of a Life
(Robert Hale, London 1990)

In Swedish:
Skärvor av ett liv
(Natur och Kultur, Stockholm 1992)
In Russian: Осколки одной жизни - дорога в Освенцим и обратно (Rudomino, Moskva 1993)

In German: Nachschlag für eine Gestorbene: ein Leben bis Auschwitz : ein Leben danach (Kraemer Verlag, Hamburg 1995)
In Hebrew: חיים רסיסי  (Eked, Tel Aviv 1995)
In Romanian: Franturi dintr-o viaţặ - Drumul la şi de la Auschwitz(Editura Vremea, Bucarest 2002)

Fragments of a life is an autobiography, depicting life in the small town of Sighet, the year as a prisoner in Auschwitz and other work camps, and the sauvetage in Bergen-Belsen. 

Livet tillbaka
(Natur & Kultur, Stockholm 1995)

In English: Back to Life (2003)
In Romanian: Intoarcera ta viaţặ (Editura Vremea, Bucarest)

In the semidocumentary book Back to Life, we follow Hédi's alter ego Hanna Haller from rescue in Bergen-Belsen to modern times. The book deals with the difficulties of starting a new life (after terrible experiences in work camps during the war).


Ett tredje liv; från jordbävning i själen till meningsfull tillvaro (Natur & Kultur 2000)

In Romanian: A treia viaţặ (Editura Vremea, Bucarest)

How do Holocaust survivors manage to move on? This book is a both personal and documentary depiction of Hédi Frieds efforts to help survivors as well as their children, amongst others in the psychosocial project Café 84. Through sharing life stories, her own and those of others, Hédi Fried shows how important it is to work on the traumatic experiences, to break the silence between the generations and talk, talk, talk....


Livets pendel; Fragment, erfarenheter, insikter
(Natur & Kultur 2003)

In Romanian: Pendulul vieţii (Editura Vremea, Bucarest 2003)


This is Hédi Frieds fourth book, about her life before, during and after the Holocaust. Here she shares the insights of her deepest experience, in the hopes of being able to help otherpeople with experiences of persecution, war and violence. It also comes with a pedagogic plan for teachers on how to spread the knowledge of the Holocaust.


Frågor jag fått om Förintelsen (Natur & Kultur, 2016)

Translated to English, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Khmer, German


In "Questions I am Asked About the Holocaust" Hédi answers a sample of the questions she has been asked throughout the years, questions that are now for the first time collected in a book.

Historien om Bodri (Natur & Kultur 2019)


Children's book for all ages. Illustrated by Stina Wirsén.



Anthology chapters

1995  Café 84: A Global Perspective inWorking with Holocaust Survivors and the Second Generation, Ed. J. Lemberger, pages  81-93
1997 Café 84; A Social Daycare Center for Survivors and their Children, 
published inPast Trauma in Late Life, Ed. L.Hurt, M.Marshall, Ch.Rowlings, Jessica  Kingsley, London
1998  Sweden and the Holocaust, published inAn International Study in Trauma and Healing Ed. J. Kestenberg & Ch. Kahn Praeger, Westport

2009  No Going Back; Letters to Pope Benedict XVI on the Holocaust,
page 59. Ed. Carol Rittner, Stephen D Smith, Quill Press
2010  Pedagogik som motstånd, G. Alba & Y. Wibaeus (Eds.)  9-15

Documentary films


Little Big Sister (David Fisher, Tel Aviv 1995)

The Road to Auschwitz (Gregor Nowinski, Stockholm 2004)

Drakulas väg (Gregor Nowinski, Stockholm 2004)

The Last Survivor (Michael Pertnoy, Los Angeles 2006)